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From beginner to professional
Courses start from 699 only
Personalized tutions suitable for all age groups
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What you will
learn with
Let's Sketch Up!

  • Car Proportions 
  • Perspectives 
  • Pastel Rendering 
  • Marker Rendering
  • Adobe PhotoShop 
  • Product Design
  • Design Portfolio


Digital Certificates

Students Who complete any course from

Lets Sketch Up will receive a Digital Certificate within 48 hours of completion. Students can also use  their digital certificates in their resume/portfolio!

Design Portfolio

We will also personally help and mentor our students for building up professional portfolios and resumes which will help them in qualifying for top design institutions around the world.

Complementaries from LetsSketchUp

Get personalised goodies by Let’s Sketch Up , 

Study materials , Guidance for top design institutes ,

24×7 Doubt clearance for students!

Personal Attention

Here at LetsSketchUp , Students are the utmost priority!

  • Weekly Evaluations
  • Parents Support
  • Design Mentoring
  • Fun Weekend Activities

Interactive and Social Learning

We indulge our Students into fun activities for their social improvement
and to distract their minds from boring day to day classes!

  • Virtual Picnics
  • Games
  • Healthy Competitions

Global Recognition and Motivation

We love to motivate our students since it helps them to perform and work harder!
No pain No gain!

  • Social Media Recognition
  • Top Sketches are published
  • Special Goodies and Vouchers

Lifetime access to Student's Group

We at LetsSketchUp love to support our students at all times by making a group and supporting them personally.

  • Students can Share Sketches
  • Ask Doubts
  • Connect and Engage

Learn to sketch like a
pro with our courses

Included with pro Portfolio Guidance, Interactive Learning and fun virtual picnics

Hours of coaching
Skills Required

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