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Why sketching is important?

ideas in our mind on a sheet of paper. There are many kind of sketches like elemental, comprehensive, dummy etc. but the common thing in all these sketches is the mind ofthe artist making them. The artist put all their soul in a sketch to imprint his ideas on a piece of paper which can be easy read by others who see the sketch. Sketching is notonly a hobby for fun it has its various benefits Sketching is a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a different and much more creative way. Sketching is basically art and art helps us to figure multiple solutions for a single problem. It really helps us to develop our personality where we can shine differently among the crowd we are with. Sketching even helps us relax our brain after a busy day and boosts our productivity. It even helps us to improve our memory. A study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experiment Psychology suggests that drawn words were better recalled than written.
According to the study, drawing strengthens memory by perfectly integrating visual semantic, and motor aspects of the memory trace. This in itself is a great psychological benefits of drawing.

Apart from creativity, art and sketching also improves the motor coordination in our body. When a a person is engaged in in any form of art, dexterously handling a
paintbrush or a pencil ultimately leads to increased mobility in the muscles of hands and fingers. A healthy social life is a very important factor in determining our overall well being. Our mental health can easily crumble without the support from a solid community of friends and family. Since people tend to bond over common interests and experience, art present an excellent opportunity to connect with likeminded people and cultivate

healthy social life. Socialising over creative art activities is known to promote happiness and better connectivity with the outside world.
A growing body of researchers underscores that there is a positive connection between the creative process of making art and out personal happiness. This was first established by Robert Epstein back in 1996 when he published an article on “Capturing Creativity” in Psychology Today. Robert extolled the joys of creating art remarkably noted that greater creativity breads greater happiness.


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