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How and Why Let’s Sketch up Started?

Once a person said “Drawing is the only thing in which he can loose himself completely” Rightly said , We focussed on this objective while building this startup. A few weeks ago , a thought pondered and troubled us all , thinking about the immense sketching potential in India , we were not able to decide a way to channelise this energy into building something innovative.


A quote came across us which impacted us amazingly- “where there’s a will there’s a way” We continued to work upon our dream in order to build something innovative and we soon realised to build India’s first sketching E-academy which could change the lives of millions of people by educating them and opening their innovative side of the brain. We wanted to explore the creativity of India which was mostly hidden due to unequal growth opportunities.By launching Let’s Sketch up , our aim was to allow people to learn sketching and open their creative brain in an affordable manner. We wanted people to learn sketching and explore this field since it is majorly underrated and people don’t realise the hidden potential.


Let’s sketch up will have affordable packs starting from just 699/- for students who want to  learn sketching and go pro. We at let’s sketch up have experienced faculty to mentor our students and we believe , provided right guidance and mentorship , any person on earth can take a pencil in his hand and sketch! Let’s sketch Up aims at finding the hidden talent in India’s students and to bring them proper growth opportunities , preparing them for competitive design institutes and maintaining their portfolio. Sketching is more than just doodling on a sheet of paper. Sketching is a way of expressing your emotions and to channelise your eye hand coordination for better concentration and well being. We believe sketching is an amazing way to develop your personality and to increase your mental fitness. Sketching is a great way to develop your analytical skills which will ultimately help in improving a person’s decision making.


All these reasons were sufficient for us to start something which can really change the lives of millions of people in a fun and engaging way. Most importantly as it was said by Steve jobs , “the only way to do succeed in what you’re doing is to love what you do!” We all love sketching and we are immensely proud to forward our knowledge into generations in an affordable and an engaging way!


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