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An In-depth analysis of Sketching!

Pablo Picasso once said “In sketching, nothing is better than first attempt. No creative mind can exist in a vacuum, we all need to keep in touch with the
latest trends and check out the work our fellow professionals are producing. Its not about copying others, of course but is about understanding common
points of reference and the broader culture we swim in, not to mention getting a blast of information and new ideas along the way. To help you find all that quickly and easily we have brought together the best E-Academy for sketching and design that is “ letssketchup”. With me “Ekansh Tiwari” as a mentor/ educator, my input is to push each one’s passion for sketching to new frontiers.

As a kid, I spent hours on drawing and sketching ideas that popped into my head. I used to sketch random figures and stuffs like cartoon characters, cars,
bikes etc. during my school hours between lectures. Being noticed on which from fellow classmates and teachers, I used to get prodigious commend from
all. This therefore got me encouraged and motivated to sustain sketching as a key skill throughout my school life and now into my professional career as well.
Good fortune has ignited my passion to become an automobile designer and now through letssketchup helping others discover sketching as a powerful skill
and communication tool. The very first thing that I learned from my mentor at design school was that “Designers are made not born”. And that’s what I intend to produce here at letssketchup. I am here to tell you that the real goal of sketching is functional; it’s about generating ideas, solving problems and communicating ideas more effectively with others. Sketching is all about practising and lots of patience. Getting comfortable with sketching in your process requires repetition. Sketching felt unnatural to me in the very beginning but still somehow I used to practise a little bit every day. I always used to find opportunities to doodle in the margins or back pages of the handbooks. With my past experience I have come to a conclusion that the more you practise the more confident you become. I also participated in
various design competitions that helped me showcase my talent on both national as well as international platforms, which made me realise my worth in front of the society.

I used to carry a notebook and pen or pencil wherever I go, mostly during travelling when I had downtime, I used to sketch and loosen up. The key here
was to make sketching a routine comfortable thing in my everyday life. I was surprised by the ideas I captured simply by carrying a sketchbook around. And
let me tell you sketchbooks are not about being a good artist; they’re about being a good thinker. Sketching to me has always been about visual brainstorming and record keeping in a format with a ridiculously low barrier to entry. Drawings may look shitty at times, but fidelity doesn’t matter as long as one conveys its ideas to
others. We should revel in not caring how good or bad one is but by knowing that we hone our creativity with each stroke of the pencil. The point is to keep
doing; it’s how you get stuff done. And most certainly how you get better. Go forth and sketch…In this spirit of building a better competitive environment
for sketchers, we have set up this letssketchup E-Academy. Let’s show how art can change the world. It’s fun to see how everyone else’s brains work!!

So what’re you waiting for?

Let’s Catch up at Let’s Sketch Up!

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